Multicopter Longest Flight Duration World Record
2 hours, 6 minutes, 7 seconds (achieved 30th October 2015)



  1. Border Control: Spider Drones provide National Governments border Security monitoring. as needed or on a 7-24 basis betterinsuring that illegal crossings are captured, as well as the detection of illegal drugs, weapons etc. All data is captured via a live video link and transferred instantly, via self contained telemetry, to the governments Tier 1 security agency. Spider Drone utilizes its own proprietary technology, enabled by its Command and Control mobile units. Operating software is provided based on the customer’s requirements.
  2. City, State Police and Fire: Spider Drones Provide crime and fire deterrent applications for citizen safety and the protection of real property. Drone monitoring on a 7-24 or as needed basis enabling police and fire support, as well as traffic management and disaster management. All data is captured via a live video link and transferred instantly, via self contained telemetry, to Tier 1 security to enable timely and correct dispatch of assets required to manage the event. Spider Drone utilizes its own proprietary technology, enabled by its Mobile Command & Control vehicle
  3. Industrial complex security. Spider Drones provide Industrial and commercial complexes the ability to employ 7-24 or as needed property and facilities monitoring to ensure safety of its employees and asset protection.
  4. Safe Land: Agricultural Spider Drones provide land management, including surveying and preventative land protection. All information is captured via HD cameras or video and is archived based on our unique Command & Control software applications, allowing the land to be reviewed and compared to historical captured data, thus, improving month over month and year over year comparative analysis.
  5. City Police Drones: Spider Drones in conjunction with city police efforts provide crime deterrent applications for citizen safety and the protection of real property
  6. Disaster Relief Drones provide immediate disaster relief, scalable disaster support and recovery, in an efficient manner, including orderly evacuation and the coordination of all emergency departments required efforts.

Spider Pipeline Drones provide effective management of extensive pipelines across accessible and un-accessible geography. Spider Drones provide management oversight to avoid potential catastrophic environmental issues at significant financial costs, while managing the cost of repair and routine maintenance.

Spider Power Grid Drones provide managed and cost efficient oversight of Power Grids across all geographical terrain. Spider Drones provide a timely managed solution to routine maintenance and power failure resolutions. Inspections can be scheduled and timely, based on the customer’s needs.

  1. Spider Fire Drones provide city Fire Departments the tools to manage and extinguish property fires more effectively, as well as the ability to better protect the fire fighters and evacuate the civilians
  2. Spider FOREST FIRE DRONES provide forest management, fire containment and the support of all firefighting efforts. Drone monitoring insures the protection of fire fighters, the tools to minimize fire expansion and allow the safe and orderly evacuation of citizens.


IMG_8907Spider Drone Security was founded in 2008 by András Lénárd in Csíkszereda, Transylvania, Romania, as the Richard Project SRL. Since its founding it has been an “incubator” used to create new companies in diversified industries. Its founded companies sectors include: Consumer Products and Technology. Since its founding, it has successfully built numerous companies which continue to operate in diversified industries. These companies include: Commercial and Residential construction and Real Estate companies, Hydro Electric energy plants, operations and management, and Consumer Products.

Spider Drone Security was founded via the merger of technology provided by Colibri Lab’s a Romanian drone technology developer into Spider Drone Technology SRL.

Bustya Attila is the founder of Colibri Labs and is a co-founder of Spider Drone Security. Spider Drone Security is bringing the future of “Drone Security Monitoring applications” to City, State, Regional Governments, National Governments and Commercial Industry. Spider Drone Security’s patent pending technology and applications are the result of several years of investment and research.


Spider Drone Security utilizes its patent pending drone technology and proprietary Command & Control software to provide its customers with the most advanced and cost effective drone monitoring and intelligence gathering as needed. Spider Drones are designed and built specifically to meet our client’s unique and specific needs, in order to provide exceptional and advanced technology “Drone Surveillance”. All Spider Drone surveillance monitoring is performed on a “real time” basis, providing data compilation, transmission and archived storage of all data captured. A Spider drone incorporates the latest in video and data capturing utilizing HD and video as well as infrared cameras, along with many other enhanced security features. Our deployed drones are managed by a sophisticated and proprietary “Command & Control Center” which is mobile and adaptable to most geographic landscapes. Spiders mobile Command & Control center is self contained and can be moved from a stationary position to a mobile environment, within minutes, without any interruption to its live monitoring, while continuing to survey and manage all video and data applications. Due to the Spider drones mobility, its Command & Control center can move instantly to pursue any anticipated security threat. Spider drones are equipped to provide real time communications telemetry links to our customers, enabling the Spider Drone Command and Control Center to immediately access, via telemetry, it customers Tier 1 security management and enforcement groups. Spider drones provide live data transmissions, real time video, frame captures, facial recognition etc., and all managed metrics required by our clients, for their specific applications. Spider drones provide enhanced reliable, supportable and enforced security through their proprietary Command & Control applications.



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