World record for flight duration in Romania


“Ladies and gentlemen, the world record of 99 minutes and 23 seconds was surpassed. I am pleased to announce that Spider Zone Security, with multi-Copter controlled by busty Attila is officially the new world record holder for the longest flight for RC heli-copter, two hours, six minutes and seven seconds. “Seyda Subasi-Ms are the words Gemici, Turkey, representative of Guinness World Records and the role to adjudicate a record-breaking attempts. The attempt has been monitored and a specialist in UAV in Hungary. The announcement was made after approval about two hours from lifting the drone from the ground in a field near the village of Lower Ciuc, Harghita County. The previous record of duration of a multi-RC copter who stayed in the air with 26 minutes less, was owned by Forrest Frantz, a passionate DIY US drones.

Flight drone, named Rufus, took place at an altitude of 4 meters, on August 22 2014 in Parkdale, Oregon. At Sansimion “At eight o’clock in the morning preparations records as were in full swing. After frost and fog disappeared, at 9:38 drone was built from the ground “, communicate, Friday, October 30, 2015, at 6:50 p.m., The young 30 years old, busty Attila, in Miercurea Ciuc, is a professional IT-ist and working on this project for 3 years. In 2014 his “remote- controlled miniature helicopter with four propellers with possible use in tracking traffic” was published in Yearbook Transilvania University of Brasov, to the winning papers in scientific circles session, Faculty Mechanical Engineering. She is currently student of this university. Designing and building the structure drone has performed with a 3D printer. According to his calculations, the batteries would have taken half past two, “It was very difficult design I made ​​150 minutes but we had wind and removed much of batteries but in the end we were lucky the wind It was quiet and we were able to pull a decent time. Everything went perfectly, “said Attila busty designer drone and the new record holder. Because drones are his passion, he built the first machine, called Spider 1

who coped evidence. Variable performance, Spider 2, a multi-copter with four rotors, battery, broke the world record Friday, October 30th. “Attila has greatly benefited from the logistical support provided by the directors of the company who funded the project, worth 100,000 from €.

One is co-founder and shareholder Jean Stiegemeier, American citizen well known on Wall Street, founder, CEO and director of the ten companies that operate globally in various industries focused on advanced technology products sold in markets From the entire world. Stiegemeier is a leading authority in the field, he began his career as an engineer at NASA, through sub- contractor General Electric. He is the inventor Flight screens progression (PFS), whose variants technologically advanced shows them flying passengers on board commercial and private aircraft, location of the aircraft during flight, “said site. Jean Stiegemeier, who worked on the Apollo 11 mission, and now participates together with engineers from Miercurea Ciuc to the development of drones for surveillance performance, says “The market that we are targeting are firemen, border … the pilot will stay in power and control control, will see everything on monitors and computers there and can steer the drone there, inside. Capture data from the drone in real time and we can send them immediately. ” Technology with Spider drone which was carried out in February became of interest to other experts, who came to the demonstration. One of them, Gabor Vasarhelyi says “There are many components that builds

drone and all must work together.” The price of such drone exceed 10,000 €, but its use for special missions can successfully replace a helicopter and costs are lower. The announcement was made ​​and the record who said about Jean Stiegemeier “Friday followed breathlessly world record attempt and enjoyed success as a child of the young engineer.” It states, in that notice, the busty Attlia “is a wonderful person and very smart, which is the future of his generation”. important not only because it is a world record, but that it is a world record technologically and what we put the region into another dimension, we are able not only to make traditional products, but keeping pace with what happening in the world, the news and the success of today showed that, “Lenard said Andras, owner of the company that supported the busty Attila. For, Jean Stiegemeir added “We are interested in quality, talent and commitment, and the ability to turn a concept into reality. I immediately noticed his talent and effort he has made ​​to build the technological Attila. I was convinced that that is the right person to support it.

From our point of view, the future of this technology is centered around his ability to turn it into reality for us. I think it is one of the most exciting days of his life.

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